Magical Drop

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Magical Drop (also known as Chain Reaction) is 1995 Japanese arcade game created by Data East Corporation.

Magical Drop is played in a Tetris-style box; a “stack” of random colored bubbles descend from the top, and a player is defeated when a bubble hits the bottom. Bubbles can be picked up and dropped by the player’s “clown” at the bottom, and are destroyed when 3 or more of the same color are put together on a single column. The game is normally played with two players (one may be a computer opponent), and chains cause the opponent’s stack to descend faster. Magical Drop was also released on the Neo-Geo, Super Famicon, and GameBoy Color.

When releasing the game in the United States Data East decided to change its name to “Chain Reaction” and replace the Drops to cakes and candies and Chess Pieces, but game play remained the same. G-mode currently obtains the intellectual rights to Magical Drop.