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Magical Drop Touch Ver. 1.1 UPDATE

on Nov.09, 2009, under NEWS

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Magical Drop Touch

on Oct.20, 2009, under GAMES, Iphone, MOBILE

Magical Drop is 1995 Japanese arcade game created by Data East Corporation.

Magical Drop is played in a Tetris-style box; a “stack” of random colored bubbles descend from the top, and a player is defeated when a bubble hits the bottom. Bubbles can be picked up and dropped by the player’s “clown” at the bottom, and are destroyed when 3 or more of the same color are put together on a single column. The game is normally played with two players (one may be a computer opponent), and chains cause the opponent’s stack to descend faster. Magical Drop was also released on the Neo-Geo, Super Famicon, and GameBoy Color.


Magical Drop Touch Released on Iphone, Ipod Touch

on Sep.10, 2009, under NEWS

G-mode Brings the Retro Classic Data East Classic to the App Store Tokyo, Japan. - September 10, 2009 - The puzzle game of puzzle games Magical Drop has finally made its way to the Apple’s App Store with the implementation of the touch screen UI, this game will become as hectic as ever as you try to swipe your way to victory. G-mode Co., Ltd. is a leading publisher and developer of mobile, iPhone game for the mass-market causal gamers in Japan. G-mode is proud to announce today the worldwide availability of Magical Drop Touch for $2.99 through Apple’s App Store.