Magical Drop Touch

on Oct.20, 2009, under GAMES, Iphone, MOBILE


Get MAGICAL DROP TOUCH NOW for $0.99 – 75% off!

Version 1.1 has incorporated 2 new D-Pad UI’s and that allow users the option of different gameplay.
(Change your play style at anytime by going into settings and “Key Config and “SELECT“)
Prepare yourself for one of the most challenging puzzlers in the market.

Data East is back with its Brand New Version of its Best Selling Retro Classic Magical Drop.
This time World has summoned her favorite friends, Fool, Star, Devil, Chariot, and Justice to compete in a Magical Drop Tournament to challenge World at a chance to receive a wish of their own desire.
Arcade Mode: 5 Difficulty Settings
Endless Mode: 100 Levels
Record Tracker: Track your Record (Time, Chains, Level)
The return of your favorite Magical Drop Characters:
(Fool, Justice, Star, Devil and Chariot)

*3 DIFFERENT Controls
1) Swipe Controls
2) D-Pad Controls
3) Arcade Controls
(Go to Options: Key Config and “SELECT”)

How many Chains can you create?
How far can you go in Endless Mode?
I Beat World did you?

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