Cobra Command

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Originally released in 1984 by acclaimed Japanese arcade games company Data East ‘Cobra Command’ combined theuse of hollywood-quality full motion video and surround sound, (the then leading-edge) Laser Disc technology, and overlaid computer generated graphics, to create a first of it’s kind interactive experience which saw you the player flying a state of the art futuristic combat helicopter across ten wide-ranging action-packed levels.

Whether flying down the streets of New York City, engaging enemy pilots over the pacific, destroying tanks on Easter Island, weaving through the Grand Canyon, or navigating the gun-lined corridors of the terrorists secret fortress, the result was for most of us who were around at the time an absolutely jaw-dropping display that hinted at the future of videogames. 25 years on and we’re delighted to be able to announce it’s back! Bigger, badder, and better than ever!

iPhone Developer and Games Publisher ‘Revolutionary Concepts’ in conjunction with G-mode of Japan (owner and licensor of the Data East library of titles) has worked tirelessly to bring this seminal arcade classic to the iPhone and iPod Touch in all it’s glory. Not only recreated, but improved to take full advantage of the kind of features only now possible thanks to the technology available via the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Cobra Command (for iPhone & iPod Touch) features:

  • Full motion widescreen video, fully restored and presented in H.264 running at 60 frames per second.
  • Vastly superior graphics and effects to match the on-screen action. Including an all new Cockpit, guns, missiles, and sound effects.
  • Redesigned precision analog controls with multi-touch support.
  • Accelerometer-based tilt steering! You really are in command of the worlds most awesome combat machine.
  • Instantaneous seek time, providing a seamless experience where on on-screen action unfolds uninterrupted in real time.
  • Unlockable Bonuses. Including Arcade Classic, and Expert Modes.

Cobra Command is currently in play-testing being polished and on track for release in the app-store this November, with the following screens provided as an indication of actual in-game play.

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