Magical Drop Yurutto

on Jul.29, 2009, under DS, GAMES, MOBILE


Magical Drop Yurutto is made available for the DSi Ware for 500 Dsi Points.  Enjoy the Magical Drop series with the Yurutto characters.  Unlike how in the usual Magical Drop where winning rewards you with a wish of your desires,  Magical Drop Yurutto will tell your Fortune if you manage to beat this fun packed game.

Genre:  Fortune Telling Action Puzzle Game
Platform: Nintendo DSiware
Release Data: 2009 July 29th 2009
Price: 500 DSi Points
Players: 1 Player
CERO: Rated A
* Only Available in Japan

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ジャンル 占いつきアクションパズル
対応機種 ニンテンドーDSi™(DSiウェア)
発売日 2009年7月29日(水)
価格 500DSiポイント
プレイ人数 1人
CERO区分 A(全年齢対象)

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